August 19, 2008

Devil Tomatoes, Virgin Mary Banana Chips, and Much, Much More!

Have you ever found a cross hiding inside your Russet Potato? Has the olive oil you left heating in the wok ever transformed, miraculously, into the face of Satan--or Frank Sinatra? Has your fried chicken strip ever taken on the shape of a hippo?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then you will definitely get a kick out of the website I just stumbled upon: the Museum of Food Anomalies, otherwise known to the cool & cultured kids downtown as MoFA. This site devotes itself to "the art of regular food gone horribly wrong." Yes, some of it is very, very wrong...but I can't stop looking!

The galleries are divided into categories, ranging from the ever-popular "Conjoined" and "High Art," to my personal favorite, "Religious Artifacts." As a collector of all things Virgin Mary, I was pleased to find the piece titled "Virgin Mary Banana Chip." Sticking with gallery formalities, the MoFA addresses the media of each piece. For example, "Virgin Mary Banana Chip" is composed of the following: "Banana Chip. Holiness." "Tomato Diablo," on the other hand, was constructed out of the more traditional, though difficult to work with, "Unadultered Evil."

Finally, an institution that will support me in my endeavor to build corpora in the important (though terribly underfunded) field of Interpretive Corn Flake Studies! I was beginning to run out of space in my apartment for my Tina Turner-shaped CF artifacts...

Have you ever found any strange shapes or messages in your food? If so, please share!

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Hadley Gets Crafty said...

Jada - I love your food blog. I have a craft blog, myself. I love that we have such nefarious secret internet lives!