August 8, 2008

Welcome to The Moody Kitchen!

Food is an obsession. While it goes without saying that we all eat to live, we cannot argue that most of us also live to eat. We love the sensation of popping a blueberry between our molars, the electric-purple juices exploding into the mysterious caverns of our mouths. We are comforted by the gentle combination of cheddar and pasta on a cold night. We recall, with much trembling satisfaction, the calculated rhythm of appetizer-entrée-dessert presented to us on a first date. We try with all of the power our fingers can muster to create the same triple chocolate cookies our grandmother made for us when we were young. Yes, food is all things: body, therapy, sex, and memory.

This blog is a naïve attempt to capture the many dimensions of food. While I accept and respect the scientific perspective on food—vitamins, minerals, daily caloric intake, half-a-cupful and no more, etc.—I think that our relationship with what we eat is much more complex than these rudimentary measurements are able to express. Contemporary discourse on food has much to say about cells, health, and logic, but I would also argue that food offers us other elements that fuel our survival in equally important ways: poetry, escape, intimacy, culture, and history. Sure, we could survive without these elements, but what type of existence would this be? I prefer a world full of crunch, spice, and texture.

Food feeds more than our bodies—it feeds our desires, our sense of adventure. Every time you throw on an apron and thrust your hands into a warm bowl of yeast, sugar and flour, you are entering a process that gives your whole body pleasure. This blog is a naïve attempt to explore and document that pleasure—to try to explain why something tastes/looks/smells/feels/sounds so damn good, and why that goodness is important.

This blog is the result of many people taking time out their busy days to ruminate on the excitement of experiencing something delicious or wholesome. If you have an experience with food you would like to share, please send it my way: I want this blog to be a collaborative foodie journal. Recipes, poems, stories, photographs, and manifestos are encouraged!

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