December 13, 2008

Banana Split Tease

While I work to gather the pieces of myself after a week of grading, I am pleased to post a sexy poem written by Linda Lee Madison of Indianapolis. Linda is a disability claims analyst who enjoys running, sipping on margaritas, and reading Tarot cards. She is also my mom. Enjoy Linda's first poem submitted to the Moody Kitchen! Also, be expecting un monton de posts in the next 3 weeks; today marks the first day of my holiday vacation!

Banana Split Tease

There you sit in your fancy bowl, enticing me with your charm.
You think I do not know that you have disguised your legs with a smooth, sleek banana and your bosoms with two thick mounds of the richest ice cream. Premium brand, I am sure.

I see your scarf wrapped around your neck made of the thickest, fluffiest cream available, along with your Cover Girl make up of chocolate, strawberry and pineapple. Everything about you is strategically placed to attract more attention.

You want me to admire, most of all, your sugar-crusted pecan accessories scattered ever-so-poignantly with the utmost detail. You top all of this off with your cherry-red “Sunday-go-to-meeting” hat. You’re a good girl going bad.

I hear you laugh quietly as I scramble for a spoon.
I lick the very last drop of your blood in your lead crystal bowl and you roar like the king of the jungle, knowing that you cost me 100 points. How could you?

I quickly climb the 16 steps, turn right, turn right and face the monster in my bathroom. I slowly step my heavy leg onto the digits, knowing already that I lost more than a pound today.


Anonymous said...

Cool. Your Vaykay started the same day as my Birthday. Have fun!

Jada Ach said...

Happy birthday, Nate! I forgot that you were a fellow Sag. Now that I've got loads of free time (hell yeah!), I will be sending you a thick email soon.

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for "Banana Split Tease"!! Bravo! Encore!

It's no wonder you are such an amazing poet, Jada!

It must be in the skinny jeans!